la pratique






Founded in 1907 and originally known as the “Fabrique d’aiguilles Alphonse Tendon” (Alphonse Tendon watch hand factory), the company was renamed "LA PRATIQUE" in 1941, and is still owned by the same family. Alphonse Tendon was replaced by his son in 1927, followed by Guy Buliard (his son-in-law) in 1958, then by his son Gilles Buliard in 1989.

Thanks to its know-how and expertise acquired and passed on over the years, LA PRATIQUE produces several million watch hands in 600 different models every year, requiring over 10,000 tools, not counting the many tools exclusive to our clients.

Our positioning in international markets means we are distributed in over 20 countries worldwide.


1907 – Creation of the "Alphonse Tendon" watch hand factory
1927 – Alphonse Tendon Junior succeeds his father.
1941 – The company changes its name to LA PRATIQUE.
1958 – Guy Buliard, Alphonse Tendon’s son-in-law, takes over the company.
1989 – Gilles Buliard, Guy Buliard’s son, takes over the company.